Meanwhile, in the Amana Festhalle…


Whilst I was occupied fully at the Scottish Rite Temple in downtown Cedar Rapids, twenty miles away Jason Weaver was acting in my stead sharing a booth with Jeff Hamilton at Handworks.  Jason’s task was to hawk polissoirs and related paraphernalia, and move the last 100 or so tickets for the H.O. Studley exhibit.


He did better at the former undertaking than the latter.  As he told me, almost nobody wanted to wait around until late Sunday afternoon — when most of those tickets were available — and thus he had very little luck in selling them.

If you were one of those folks who didn’t feel like waiting until Sunday afternoon to see the Studley exhibit, too bad for you!  The folks who did stick around until the end got the opportunity of a lifetime.

I’ll tell you about it next time.  Hint:  they got to see everything!