MJD Toolapalooza Day 2

The second day of toolapalooza was slow for me as I bid on only a couple of lots and won one, a box full of infill planes that were by almost any definition, stragglers.cIMG_0283

I’ve been wanting to play with infills in preparation for making one or more this coming winter, and getting a box full of them for a few bucks apiece was irresistible.


The three full-sized smoothers came with five smaller planes, including two dandy chariot style planes that should clean up very nicely.


The smoothers themselves were clunky at best, and for the purchase price and current non-functionality I have no qualms about wading into them with a heavy hand.  The first one has a nicely spacious opening in the handle, well within the needs of me wrapping my fingers around it.  I am pretty sure the Stanley lever cap is after market, ad it will go into my parts drawer immediately.


The second handled smoother is cursed with a far too small opening for my fingers.  I have not yet decided whether to enlarge the current hole or replace the entire infill.  Ditto the front knob infill.




The third pane, sans tote, is the most intriguing to me as it has the possibility of being transformed into something pretty special.

The day ended with Martin’s traditional Friday Night Pig Roast followed by the circle of bloviation and lie-swapping, er, fellowship, around the magnificent fire pit.  After a few minutes we left to get a good night’s sleep.