More Fun With Clothespins


I’ve written before about the usefulness of spring clothespins in the shop.  I keep a shoe-box sized container pretty much filled with these irreplaceable tools in the shop, and it is indeed a rare day when I do not reach for that box a time or two.  I recently had a project of reassembling some damaged fretwork where I needed some gentle clamping with a dimension exceeding the opening of the original clothespin throat.


So, I made some Frankenpins.  They did the job perfectly.  I cut off the business end of some pins and glued them to another pin with hot hide glue.

Cost?  Two clothespins = 8 (?) cents.  Time? Hmm, I was a bit slow at the time so I think it took me almost a full minute for each one, but I did wait over night for the glue to dry.

I’m betting these will get used more than I can imagine at the moment.