New Conservation Project – Italian Sculpture

After almost two years of diminished activities in decorative arts conservation, I am now ramping up for a fertile period of activities with many new projects on the menu, and some already underway.  Otherwise I don’t have much to do except finish the reviewing of the Studley book proofs as they emerge, reviewing the edits of the Roubo on Furniture Making manuscript, fabricating the elements for the Studley exhibit, a multitude of chores around the homestead, another year’s worth of organizing in the barn, etc.


Last weekend I picked up a nearly life-sized wooden sculpture attributed to 19th century sculptor Valentino Besarel.  The details of the treatment, including the strategic thinking behind my decisions, and the execution of those decisions, will be recounted as the project unfolds over the coming months.


There is some disassembly/reassembly, some structural compensation, some flexible fills, some sculpting of missing elements, some visual integration…