New Product – Pure Shellac Wax

Over the next several weeks I’ll be offering in The Store several new but inter-related products for sale.

The first of these will be solid 1/4 pound blocks of pure shellac wax which I import directly from the manufacturer in India then process a slight bit for final purity and configuration into the 1/4 pound blocks.  I am making this available at the request of fellow finishers and artisans who want to play with this material, the second hardest wax naturally occurring in nature (carnauba being the hardest and hardest to use and integrate into formulations).

I expect pure shellac wax to be available for order on The Store page on or about November 1.  At that time I will tell the tale of finding a supplier and the machinations necessary to pay for and get a quarter ton sent from India and arrive in the hinterlands of the Virginia Highlands.  It was truly a leap of faith.

The price for the pure shellac wax will be $19 per quarter pound packaged block, domestic shipping included.  For international orders please contact me for further shipping cost estimates.