Not Radio Silence

I got a note last night from Mike, one of my dear friends and frequent consigliore, noting the paucity of blogging over the past month or so and concerned that I was recuperating from another injury or some such.

There’s nothing wrong, but actually very little going on that is bloggable.   And, since the blog is not the primary vehicle for my commentary on the state of the church, culture, and nation (about which I have a great deal to say but confine that to my large circle of private correspondence), there has not been very much to write about here.

My leg is nearly 100% recovered from my little episode with rolling the lawn tractor over on myself.  There is no pain from movement or use and only a tiny bit from contact on the inside and outside tips of the ankle, which took the brunt of the impact.  I’ve been able to put on my shoes without difficulty for ten days.  No point in recounting the slow and steady improvement, although the ever-changing psychedelic polychromy was quite the thing.

The work on the book manuscript continues to slog along.  It has been and remains far more difficult than any writing I have ever done, keeping in mind that for almost thirty years I had to write monthly and annual reports for the Mordor bureaucracy, an excruciating experience.  So nothing noteworthy there.

I’m reviewing the 34 hours of Gragg video steadily, but again it is taking a lot of time and energy to get through.  Having  video running is one thing, watching it carefully to determine edits and chyrons is a whole ‘nother level of attention.  It is exhausting in its own way.  Nothing blogworthy there.

I’m about halfway through firewood season.  Who really needs to hear about my daily truckload of cutting, splitting, and stacking this winter’s heat?  Another handful of days and I will be done, and post the obligatory photo of tons of seasoned hardwood bolts.

A few of the periodic distractions at the bench are moving forward, but not enough to blog abut them yet. At least one of them will show up in posts next week.

Thanks Mike, for reminding me to not go “radio silent” while reveling in my hermitude.  I’ll get more interesting soon, I promise.  But for the past few weeks, I’ve had little to say so I chose to remain mostly silent.