the homestead

Nothing Wrong, Just Crazy Busy on the Homestead

I’ve not posted for almost two weeks, but in answer to the question, “Did you injure yourself again?” the answer is “No.”  It’s just been the period on the homestead that is always action packed every year, closing down the gardens after summer (Mrs. Barn was still harvesting beans and squash until a few days ago!) and getting the place ready for winter, combined with extensive barn cleaning (oh yeah, that’s a burning blog topic — “Watch me organize my inventory of dry powder pigments and tubes of oil paints and watercolors.”)  This year it all included making a new hoop-house cover for the raised bed she uses for greens long into winter, and as always splitting and stacking tons of firewood cut last year, and much more.  Alas, I do not work as quickly as I used to, nor for as long, and every year an armful of firewood gets just a little bit heavier.

Things should be back to the “normal” routine by the end of the week.  I’m delighted to have been able to leave the wood stove unused until the halfway point of November this year, it will get fired up perhaps next weekend, wondering if the generally mild autumn will transition to a brutal winter.  If so, we are ready.

Stay tuned.