Now THAT’S Some Carving

Some years ago I became acquainted with artist David Warther, the astounding sculptor who fashions historic ship models in ivory and ebony.  Adjunct to his artistry David dealt in documented heritage ivory (pre-ban “estate” ivory) to clients far and wide.  Thanks to enviro-hopesters inhabiting the swamps of DC in recent years virtually all commerce in ivory has been deemed icky and thus illegal, ultimately redounding unfavorably to elephants  (and I say this as a lover of elephants, but history is a powerful instructor about the results of declaring something to be contraband, but then enviro-hopesters prefer wishful thinking to empirical observation).

Nevertheless David’s unparalleled artistry continues with materials he already held in his personal inventory, and he sent me a new video about his work and the museum featuring it.

The new video is not yet on-line, but here is the previous one for your viewing pleasure.


Quick Quiz About Ivory

  1. Which of these two animals is native to North America, bison or pigs?
  2. Which of those two animals is more abundant in North America now?
  3. Why?