Events at the Barn

Oh-wee-oh, wee-oh-oh

(think the scene from “Wizard of Oz”…)

It’s the first day “after” Groopstock but still the crowds are here.  The impulse for continued fellowship is so strong that we continued through the morning as folks were packing, parting, and moving out.


While I had so many sturdy bodies at the ready, I asked them to move the mondo SYP hand hewn timber from the first floor (basement) up to the second floor.  Six of the men jumped in to volunteer, and they got the job done in about 45 seconds.  This timber will soon become a 13-foot-long planing beam in the center space of the main floor, and that transformation will provide me with an excuse to blog about planing beams in general and this beam in particular.





By lunch time we were down to a half-dozen exit stragglers, and by supper only one overnighter was left.

The next phase of the summer would be finally (!) getting my own workshop space in order.  Saturday and Sunday were still decompressing time, but by Monday I was back in the shop all day.  Tales of that start tomorrow.

Stay tuned.