Old Tools Gone

In my quest to be both generous and strategic I have been slowly paring down my inventory of surplus tools, mostly by giving them away to the worthy trio of Rob Hanson (whom you too should support and shame on you if you are not), my son-in-law LtCom R, and webmeister Tim.  Given my de-emphasis on in-house workshops I simply do not need so many redundant tools and it is time to get them to a good home.  My 10-year goal is to condense my tool holdings to what will fit into a cargo van, so at some point in the distant future I will have the Mother of All Workbench Yard Sales!  But that day is not yet even on the horizon.

Here is the most recent package (the fifth?) I sent to Rob a couple months ago, with more to follow.  I have been in the shop so little over the past few months that I have not really had a chance to go grazing for him but I’ve got a surplus Record 52-1/2 vise with his name on it, awaiting only crating and shipping.  I also keep boxes for LtCdr R and Tim that get things put into them as they are readied.