One Day A Week

It’s getting to be that time of year when I will spend a day a week or so for the next dozen weeks building up the firewood inventory.  I still have a half dozen more trees on the ground from last year to cut up and that should do for this coming winter but I want to get a good jump on the following one.

Last week in between thunderstorms I sliced up a 24″ maple and an 18″ locust, both tall and a ton apiece, probably three pickup loads together.  Now I’m just waiting for the ground to get dry enough for the truck to get to them.

Way up the hill I still have several logs I thought might work for making Gragg chairs but the first couple bolts were not promising so the rest will instead provide heat.  I’ve got another promising one for the chairs, though.  Really long and straight.

We’ve got some sort of walnut blight going on here, so there will be some of them getting the axe this year.