One Of These Days… – Finishing And Accessing My FORP Workbench

Usually I find that hindsight is somewhere in the range of 20/20.  When I moved my FORP bench into the studio I though I had the perfect location for it.  It sure looked great there, at least until the space got put back together.

After almost two years of using it there I have become less enamored with the situation.

For starters I rely more on my original small torsion box bench more than anything else, in great part because of the vises already up and running on it.  The spatial relationship between my favorite bench and the FORP bench has precluded my finishing and installing the leg vise on the FORP, knowing that if I did install the leg vise the tight quarters would result in me cracking my knee on a regular occasion, resulting in improper verbal outbursts.

After cogitating on the issue for several months I recalled how much I enjoyed having my first Roubo bench in front of the eastern windows before I moved it to the finishing station twenty feet away.

Now I think I know what to do.