Parquetry Class Prep and Preview

The past couple weeks I have been assembling and packing the supplies I need to teach the Parquetry class at the Kansas City Woodworker’s Guild next weekend.  I will be repeating this class at The Barn in July so you can get an idea of the syllabus for that too.


The preparation has been both frustrating and delightful, frustrating because so much of our material possessions are in chaos with the ongoing move, but delightful in that it allowed me to experience the parquetry process all over again, including the making of this panel.


During the class we will be making all the jigs, cutting the veneer strips and lozenges,


assembling the pattern,




polishing, and completing the panel in this design, although the dimensions will be a bit different, and ending with a beeswax finish just like the originals back in the 1700s.

If you are interested in coming for the July class at The Barn drop me a line here.