Parquetry Shooting Plane, Part 2

The first thing I did for the new plane was to take the old plane body and cut its height down a smidge to fit into the rectangular space inside the bronze downspout.  Then I set the saw blade at an arbitrary angle that seemed pleasing to me, leaving the mouth of the body about 5/8″ wide.  With the blade left at this angle and the fence moved farther away equal to the wall thickness of the downspout I cut the same bevel in the bronze.  Then I cut the top of the bronze shell to accommodate the thickness of the plane body.

Setting the beveled body inside the bronze half-shell I layed out the openings for the iron.  At the mouth of the iron I rough cut the opening slot with a hacksaw and filed it clean.

For the upper opening of the iron, to accommodate the tang and the wedge, I put the bronze shell with a backing block in my vise and drilled that out and finished that rectangle off with a square file and mill file.