Parquetry Workshop Day 2 (many pictures)

Our morning began with center sections completed and ready for trimming.




The weather was foreboding; the day was cool if not downright chilly (60-ish, in mid-July!), and the rain was threatening.  This was a theme for the day, and did impact how things progressed.


The first thing we did was select and prepare our materials for the edge banding around the center field, and glue them up into a “loaf.”


On a normal day these set fairly quickly, in an hour or so using hot hide glue, but the day being cold and damp we wrestled with this all day.  Next time I offer this course we will glue up the bandings on the first day.  Once they were set (mine hadn’t by the end of the day) we cut them into banding strips.


We trimmed the panels in order to cut and fit the banding.


Trimming the panels gave Josh the chance to show off his new Gramercy veneer saw with the “King Kong” blade for use on sawn veneers.  We were unanimous that it was a fabulous tool.


After trimming the center field, the parquetry was glued to another sheet of heavy brown paper an then fitted the banding,


gluing it in place using the aluminum head push pins from Utrecht discovered by a workshop student in Kansas City.


Then went on the outer edge, which could be either long grain or cross grain.


That done, out came the glue pots and the slathering began.


They are now all glued to their support panels and clamped up over night, awaiting planing, polishing, and finishing tomorrow.


As a reminder, all of this information (and actually a lot more) will be covered in my ongoing blog series “Parquetry Tutorial” which will be a single downloadable PDF once complete.