Please Permit a Proud Papa…

Today was a moving celebration in our clan as we attended the graduation of our older daughter, receiving her PhD diploma in Physics (Non-Linear Dynamics) along with her doctoral hood.  I cannot deny the presence of moistened eyes in our company.  Parenting is for ever but today we saw a result of our years of child rearing.


After being a high school valedictorian (as was her younger sister) she attended a rigorous small college and flourished there as well (ditto).  For grad school she wanted to go a much bigger university, so she went where the Physics Department was larger than her entire undergraduate class.  It was a culture shock but she excelled again, and is now an assistant professor at a prestigious smallish university.

My wife is among the smartest and wisest people I have ever met, and this apple does not fall far from that particular tree.

Congratulations, my beloved daughter.