Quality, Quantity, and Durability

I’m not sure how many of you fully appreciate the remarkable effort of Ralph Boumenot over at The Accidental Woodworker to produce a daily blog for over ten years!  He celebrated that milestone on June 16 and has produced a meaty blog post for 3,667 days in a row.  That’s roughly 50% longer than Cal Ripken’s streak.

I pat myself on the back if I can get three postings a week, at this point I am only 2300 behind Ralph.

Although he engages in a wide variety of projects in his basement shop Ralph is rightly renowned throughout the woodworking blogosphere for his tutorials on tool restoration.  I know I consult his archive whenever I encounter a similar problem, and invariably steer others in that direction whenever I am asked.

Congratulations Ralph, you are an inspiration and role model for us all.