Ramping Up for the Studley Tool Chest Exhibit

With the maneuvers for the upcoming exhibit of the HO Studley Tool Chest only three months away, the activities in the background are coming to a fever pitch.  Just this week the last of the wheel vises I am borrowing for the exhibit arrived.  I must admit I was a bit amused to see a 110 pound crate with a cast-iron vise marked “Fragile.”


(Actually there is one more vise I would like in the exhibit, but the owner has not responded to my repeated requests.  I guess it won’t be there.)


The setting for this collection of vises is my interpretation of Studley’s work bench top.  I expect to finish assembling the slab of that top tomorrow.  Here’s a small mock-up illustrating what I believe to be the construction of the bench top.  Astonishingly, the owner of the Studley Collection would not let me chop up the original to see if my conclusion was correct!

Once the benchtop replica is finished I need to make an exhibit stand for it, then move on to the next of the 6, 487, 326 things on the exhibit check list.


There are still tickets left for the exhibit, but I see that some of the sections are beginning to close out.  If you want to join me in this once-in-a-lifetime event, I would be delighted to share it with you and chat with you at the exhibit.