Readying for the Workbench Building Workshop

Last Friday I stopped at Virginia Frame and ordered the southern yellow pine 24-foot 2x12s we’ll be using to build the workbenches during the upcoming workshop July 25-29 at The Barn.  Since I did not have time to go through the pile with the crew there I was relying on their handiwork in creating a big pile of 8-foot 2x12s from their inventory.


It arrived this morning as I was preparing to go get some milk for my breakfast cereal.  The driver chugged up to the barn and we unloaded in about ten or fifteen minutes.


This afternoon I sorted through the pile and restacked it so everything would be ready to go in ten days.  About 2/3 of the material was clear and select, another quarter had small knots that would bot affect anything, and a tiny handful had large knots.  Not useless, but not prime material either.  Fortunately I had ordered plenty of extra, and one of the participant had to drop out due to a promotion and some mandatory training.  If you want to take his place, let me know.

I’ve got a hectic week scheduled upcoming, so I wanted to get everything set up well in advance.  One or two little things tomorrow and I will be ready to go.