Report From WIA – All Studley Mallets Great and Small


One of the fun things for me at WIA this year was showing off the replica Studley mallet JimM made for me as a gift, now residing in my menagerie of treasures on the mantle.  I definitely need to get cracking on producing some of the replicas myself.


Much to my delight  miniaturist Marco Terenzi was also in the house, amazing one and all with his own exquisite workmanship.   We managed to make our paths intersect as he and the lovely Rebecca were hanging out for a while alongside the Lost Art Press and Konrad Sauer/Raney Nelson booths.



The real fun was when we placed my replica mallet with his new miniature version of the same tool.  The ooohs and aaahs were audible along with other exclamations of admiring astonishment I won’t repeat.


A grand time was had by all present.