Reshaping A Petite Adz

Somewhere in the misty memories of the Mesozoic era I picked up a blacksmith-made petite curved adz head, probably at a PATINA tailgate tool swap.  At the time I fashioned a handle from a broken shovel and sharpened the head to a keen edge.

I used it from time to time but not as much as I thought I would.  Unfortunately, the tip was convex, rendering it almost useless for any task I might have.  So, I decided to reshape the tip into one that would be more useful to be, one that is at least flat, maybe even a bit concave.

In few minutes on the bench grinder the shape was established, but the ~1/8″ cross section at the new edge was presenting me with the potential of several hours hand grinding and beveling on the inside curve with round slips or sandpaper wrapped around a dowel.

Instead, I had a flash of inspiration and took the top shield off the belt sander in order to access the roller.  Miraculously the roller size was absolutely perfect for grinding the new in-cannel bevel.  That one thing cut the work time from several hours to several minutes.  I like innovations like that!

I reattached the handle to the head and gave it a test drive.

Me like.