Resuming The Bow Saw Prototypes

You may recall that a while ago I undertook the making of a bow saw prototype for Mark Harrell of Bad Axe using one of his saw plates as my starting point.  I completed the initial prototype saw but in the end found it to be little more than an amusing undertaking, not really useful to Mark in planning out some possible inventory expansion.

If the goal was to replicate exactly the saws of Roubo I failed pretty miserably.  Now, had the task been to make a saw that Victor Horta would like, then I came closer.

I am returning to the project, and over several upcoming blog posts recount my journey to get something as close to Roubo as I could, to provide something for Mark to hold in his hands and use at the bench so he could more thoughtfully do some planning.

NB – I gladly collaborate with any tool makers who want my opinion, input, or experience brought to their specific problems.