Roubo Workbench Prototype Finis




With the bench up on its feet I reached for my favorite Japanese timber frame joint saw and trimmed off the tops of the legs that were projecting through the bench slab.



I added wedges to the voids alongside the leg tenons (definitely need to avoid using my chop saw for fabricating the mortise lamina in the future) and even with no glue the joint was tight and the bench devoid of wiggle.  We’ll see if I need to wick in some adhesive after a few seasonal cycles.


With my 10″ circular saw I trimmed the ends, leaving about 3/32″ to finish the cut.


A slat shelf mounted to the stretchers and a quick session with a toothing plane wrapped up the construction.  When I get the time I will add the crochet and drill the holes for the holdfasts, but for now the core bench is done.