Seeking Japanese Veneer Saw

I am trying to find  source for this Japanese veneer saw.  Not only is it a fine saw for veneer it is simply the best tool in my arsenal for cutting the curved dado in the rear seat rail for the Gragg chair.  I probably bought this one ten or fifteen years ago and cannot find a source for them now.  If you know of a place that has them, or if you have one you want to throw away, let me know.   If worse come to worst I will give it a try to make one/five myself.  I have the materials, technology and skills but it’s sometimes easier to find them already made.

It is almost a sensate revelation when you encounter a task and a tool that are perfectly symbiotic.  This is one of those cases.  Yes, I have German, English, and French veneer saws and even a Japanese curved mortise saw, but this is the Gragg chair version of “Love is the drug and I need to score.”  (Stolen from Roxy Music without apology)