Simple “Dice” Parquetry Tutorial


Whenever I teach I request honest and constructive feedback, especially from my hosts.  (I often even request video if it is available, and I do study it not because I am a narcissist but because I want to be better at what I am doing)

My recent “off campus” weekend at the Kansas City Woodworkers Guild was just one such event.  Many fine swaths of parquetry were created, but the weekend was not without its hitches.  There were definite instances of frustration and communication failures, many revolving around the problem endemic to teaching something to new audiences.  Since I have done this parquetry exercise so many times I have internalized much of the process such that it is not even fully articulated in my head any more.  After the fact I realized that I was reminded that I had not given enough detailed step-by-step instruction, something I am determined to rectify.

One excellent suggestion from the KG gang was that I create a detailed illustrated tutorial for the class, especially since I am going to repeat the workshop probably several times in the coming years beginning with the weekend of  July 18-20 at The Barn.  Beginning with the selection and preparation of the stock material, through the inventory and use of the tools, constructing of templates, to the much-more-difficult-than-it-looks process of compiling the pattern, and finally the finishing process.


I have finally finished writing the tutorial and will plug in the pictures and post it in installments beginning Thursday or Friday.  Once I have posted all the installments, I will move it to the “Writings” page as a free, complete, and downloadable .pdf.


My workshop schedule for The Barn this year is decidedly and purposefully brief with the Roubo manuscripts, the Studley manuscript, and the Studley tool cabinet exhibit hanging over me.

July 18-20  Parquetry and Banding

August 11-13 (H&R pair) and 14-17  (complex) Plane Making with Tod Herrli

October 3-5  Boullework Marquetry

If any of these interest you, contact me here.