Sliding Dovetail Plane

One of the projects soon to be underway in the studio is to make one (or three?) Japanese planning boards complete with sliding dovetail legs and perhaps even a dovetailed planing stop.  But first I need a dovetail plane.  I had another derelict 1″ dado plane up on the shelf so the raw material was already in hand.  This poor thing had the snot beat out of it in ages past, so it was $3 at the PATINA tool event two years ago.  If you are anywhere close to northern Maryland on March 14, you should go.  The deals are simply amazing.

The first step was to decide on the dovetail angle on the sole and cut it on the table saw.  It was sooper dooper easy, I just got out my zero-time-zero-cost home made dovetail template from the drawer and set the saw blade to that angle, positioned the fence, and ran it through.


Follow along on the remaining steps of the journey in the coming posts.