Special 2017 Workshop – A Week of Handwork with Minimalist Woodworker Vic Tesolin


Of the luminaries in the return-to-traditional-woodworking there is no figure larger than Veritas Tool R&D maven Vic Tesolin, whose 2015 book “The Minimalist Woodworker” has become the starting point I recommend for every nascent craftsman.  I am delighted and very excited to announce that Vic has agreed to venture into The Old Dominion from The Great White North and teach a week of hand-tool woodworking at The Barn next summer, July 24-28, 2017.    Our project to start out the week will be to fabricate, entirely by hand tools, a Japanese-style tool box.  If you are fast, we’ll move on to another exercise which remains to be selected.


Vic’s raucous good humor is combined with a bedrock-solid foundation of working wood skillfully with the most slender menu of tools possible, and I promise that this week will transform the way you think about your tools, your skills, your shop, and your projects.

cIMG_1054 cIMG_1055

I am eagerly anticipating this week, not only for the time of fellowship with Vic (I will probably hurt from all the laughter) but for the way in which it will change and improve me as a craftsman.

I hope you will join us for the week, the tuition for which is $675.

If this exciting week interests you, contact me here or Vic here.