Step Forward, Step Back

Compewdermeister Tim and I managed to find and intersection in our schedules last night and had a short but productive TeamViewer session so he could fix the problems with the WordPress template.  In the ensuing email he reminded me that our template is old in the tooth,  I have no idea what those implications mean.  But, WordPress does work.

As I went about formatting some pictures for a new blog post I discovered that while WordPress did work, Photoshop does not.  I suspect a forced update to my Windows 10 system is the culprit.  I truly despise it when I am working on this or that and I get a pop-up notice telling me that a required update is going to occur right now, and Microsoft takes control of my laptop until further notice.  In this case it took several hours to do whatever it was doing.

In short, I can now import images into a blog post (this is just a test image) but I cannot manipulate them fully at the moment.  I will re-install Photoshop tonight to see if that cures the problem (I use an ancient version that still uses CDs for the software).  If not, I will try to find a work-around.

Stay tuned.  Sigh.