The (ahem) Beauty of Isolated Solitude

Living in a place where my nearest permanent neighbor is a mile away suits my preferences almost perfectly.  The national psychotic spasm over the past year-and-a-half has pretty much passed us over, as our population density enables “social distancing” on any day ending in “Y.”  Most days the only people Mrs. Barn and I encounter are each other.

But all is not perfect, in that while we have a clinic in town a visit to a specialist is an all day event requiring a trip over either three or four mountains, depending on which doctor is being visited.  Ditto real shopping, we have a convenience store, a feed and seed co-op, and a Dollar General but the nearest grocery store is an hour away, most general shopping is a half hour further.

Trip to the DMV?  Whole day.  Trip to the lumber yard?  All day.

Spring is always a hectic time around here with the gardens being planted, the grass needing mowing every third day, and this year we have had the calendar augmented with nuisance medical issues requiring a lot of back and forth trips out of the mountains.  I for one am very much looking forward to getting the debris inside my creaky knee vacuumed out next month.

All that to say that things are hopping here and blogging just ain’t at the very top of the daily “To Do” list.  That might make me a bad blogger, and I will give that concern all the attention it. deserves.