HO Studley

The Barn on White Run @ Handworks

The upcoming Handworks event, essentially the Toolmaker’s Summit for hand tool woodworking, is unfortunately occurring at a time when I will be otherwise occupied.   This saddens me, as it is a spectacular time of browsing, fellowship, and alas, covetousness in the realm of woodworking hand tools.

That is not to say that The Barn on White Run will have no presence at Handworks.  Jason Weaver has “volunteered” to act in my stead at Festhalle and, thanks to the generosity of Jeff Hamilton, Jason will be haunting Jeff’s booth with wares and perhaps even exhibit tickets.  cIMG_2530

Jason should be easy enough to spot; as you can see by the picture of him standing behind me at Handworks 2013 he is nearly a head taller than most anyone else there.  Admittedly, he may not be bundled up like last time when the howling arctic air filled the Festhalle.


As for wares this time I think we will have only polissoirs and beeswax.  To simplify the process I have priced all the 1″ polissoirs at $20 and both of the 2″ polissoirs at $40 (unfortunately despite the “non-existence” of inflation I have recently had to raise the price of the Model 296.  On the other hand I lowered the price of the standard 2″ just for Handworks to make it easy on Jason, so maybe it all works out.)

beeswax block
The quarter pound block of hand processed beeswax will be $10.

In addition Jason will be able to process ticket sales to the exhibit of the Henry Studley Tool cabinet and Workbench in nearby downtown Cedar Rapids (assuming it doesn’t sell out before then).  If you are interested in tickets while at Festhalle, just look for the exhibit banner.