The “Comments” Section

I’m rethinking the “Comments” function on the blog.  On one hand, several of the regular commentors, whose contributions I value highly, always have their comments dispatched to the “Trash” file for no apparent reason which means I have to review all the Trash contents regularly to retrieve them.

On the other hand the ratio of total comments to the blog are easily 500:1 spam, including recently hundreds of Russian spam-bot entries per week, along with the hundreds of submissions in Korean, Chinese, Arabic, Cambodian, etc., scores of offers for watches, sneakers, handbags, and a crap load of other stuff that I do not want occupying my space.  Yes, the WordPress spam filter catches them but since it also moves real comments into the Trash bin along with them I still have to go through the garbage anyway.

If we are unable to incorporate a bot filter I may probably discontinue “Comments” at some point.  Thus far in the years of blogging I have received 540 valid comments for almost 1600 blog posts versus I’d guess 25,000 Trash and Spam postings.  You do the math.

Stay tuned.