The Last Fortnight

After losing the better part of three months to forced inactivity I have been urgently addressing the heating needs for the upcoming winter with all the vigor I can muster.  At first it was just an hour or two a day, but now I can manage a solid six hours of hard work at a stretch.


My last fifteen or twenty days have pretty much been the same; unless it was raining I was engaged in firewood harvesting.  I’ve now managed to compile an inventory of about 10 heaping pickup truck loads.  It’s about as much as we burned all of last winter, so we are somewhat sanguine about the heating situation for the cabin.


I’ll probably not be able to resume the intense processing of the firewood for a month or so until I get done with some other things.  But for now we have the side shed filled, two large stacks adjacent to it left over from last winter, the side deck filled, and the front porch stuffed.