The Metaphysics of Lost Socks

One of the undeniable truths of the cosmos is that if you own  pair of socks for long enough, one of them will disappear into some alternate universe that is accessed only through a worm hole masquerading as a dryer vent hose.  (A second undeniable truth, below, is the follow-up to the first truth.)  When this missing-sock episode happens to you, like me you will probably wait some seemingly interminable period awaiting for the return of the sock.  Then comes the day you mournfully dispose of the remaining sock.  It is only at that point that the original missing sock suddenly navigates its way back through the worm hole and suddenly you once again have an un-mated sock.

Admit it, you know this is the truth.

Given the unified synthesis of metaphysics there is an inexorably linked correlated truth.  And that is the metaphysical certitude I am banking on right now.

My workhorse camera in the shop is a Canon G16.  Sometime in the last few weeks I misplaced the battery charger; it is simply not in any of the usual places I might keep it.  At the moment the camera hangs forlornly in its usual place.

In keeping with the modified Law of Lost Socks I ordered a replacement battery charger from ebay, knowing that the day after the new one arrives the “lost” one will navigate its way back from the Place of Upside Down Things.  The arrival of the new charger will be Tuesday, I expect to find the old one on Wednesday.  Then I’ll have two, so one will live in the barn and one will live in the cabin.