The Needs of Ecuador

As you know if you follow this blog, I do not post much of anything about the news of the day.  The closest I come is to ridicule the buffoons and kleptocrats from the political class we have chosen to foster.  What you do not know is that my friend, colleague, and protege Daniela is a native Ecuadoran, and that her husband’s parents are Ecuadoran.  The worst of the earthquake damage was in the coastal town where she was a little girl.  In addition, my dear friend and colleague of many decades DVR is married to a native Ecuadoran, so I feel strongly connected.


With that in mind I ask you to be attentive and prayerful in considering the immediate needs of the people of Ecuador in the aftermath of the massive earthquake there.  This letter from the Ecuadoran Embassy is indicative of those needs, and if you can contribute I urge you to do so.

My nephew Martin just returned from Ecuador, and apparently met the President who was presumably offering his gratitude to the rescue-and-recovery and salvage workers there.