HO Studley

The Virtual Studley Exhibit Experience

Just for fun, I want to walk you though the steps you will be taking when you attend the Henry O Studley Tool Cabinet and Workbench Exhibit next month.  Some of the details are yet to be resolved, but I have a general idea of what the experience will be like.


The first thing you are likely to do is to park in a lot either across the street from the Scottish Rite Temple, or a parking garage on the corner  of the next block (but still visible from the SRT).



Then, walk through the front door at the center of the main facade.


Once in the lobby, turn to your left.


You will see the Library, and walk into it.  We may have the tickets and books there, or they may be in the exhibit hall itself.  Stay tuned on that.



Once inside the Library, turn right and walk through the doorway.


After about six feet, turn left into the entryway for the exhibit hall.



Come on in!


The exhibit hall will be drastically different once the exhibit is installed, as there will be dramatic theatrical lighting (no overhead lights at all), a black drapery backdrop, and large graphics and didactics on the walls.


Along the center axis of the room will be the three main components of the exhibit.  First will be the replica Studley workbench festooned with a half dozen vintage vises for your entertainment pleasure, along with castings from the original decorative Studely-made details in the cabinet. This will be the “You Can Touch This” part of the exhibit.   Next will come Studley’s own personal workbench, and the culmination being the third station, that being the tool cabinet itself.   These last two stations will be the “Don’t Even Think About It” installations.

In addition, there will be a silent video playing overhead on the projector screen of me emptying and packing the cabinet, video Narayan and Chris shot during our multiple safaris to Studleyville.

I hope you agree with me that the setting is darned near perfect for honoring the legacy of Henry O. Studley, and celebrating the release of the book chronicling his life and labors.