(This Present) Distraction

With a new Kindle in-hand, and wishing to protect it more attentively than the previous one, I’m making a case for it using the home-made epoxy/ash veneer plywood I described earlier.  It will not be particularly fancy, just the <1/8″ plywood as the flat panels and the ~3/16″ plywood as the case walls.  These will also serve as the ground for some nice French-style parquetry using up some of my re-existing lozenge and trim inventory.  Not sure if “Pimp my Kindle” is a thing.

There is no “joinery” in the project, the case walls were just 1/2″ wide strips of the plywood glued to the 1/8″ panels around the template of the old dead Kindle.

My excitement is building as the fancy work is now imminent.