This’ll Do In A Pinch

While working at the kids’ house I was relegated to a little spot in the unheated, concrete-floor garage.  By the end of the first day my feet hurt all the way to my neck.  No doubt about it, I am really spoiled by the floors in the barn.  My shop there has wooden flooring over wooden joists, with 3/4″ rubber horse stall mats over them and I can stand there all day with no problem.

I was looking around for some mitigation to the floor situation and fortunately found two huge cardboard boxes, probably from new kitchen appliances.  I spread them on the floor such that there were four layers of corrugated cardboard between my feet and the concrete and set about to working as normal.  The difference/improvement was dramatic.

Though not quite as forgiving as my barn floor and not as durable either, this solution will definitely suffice for keeping me upright and out of pain for the duration.  And if I wear out this new floor padding?   No problem, there are more big boxes to use once these go into the trash.

Once my list of “Little projects” got whittled down I had some allow time and had fortunately grabbed a pile of stuff to sharpen, mostly damaged or never-used (by me) tools so I was standing up for long stretches working on my stones.  The foot-comfort factor was high, thanks to nothing more sophisticated than sheets of cardboard underfoot.