Three Studley Amigos

L1010384 copy

At the conclusion of our recent foray/return to photograph and study the tool cabinet and workbench of Henry O. Studley for the upcoming book VIRTUOSO, I insisted we commemorate the moment with this photo since it was likely the last such trip we take all together.  Narayan set up his camera and captured this image, literally moments before we departed for the final time.  For any “make up” images I need for the manuscript, it will probably be just two of us for a quick trip.

It was my fifth visit to the ensemble, Narayan’s fourth, and Chris’ third.  They have been wonderful times of camaraderie and collaboration, a fair bit of off-the-wall humor and wide ranging discussions, all resulting in thousands of spectacular images and innumerable observations that will be interwoven with copious research to create a compelling book about this iconic collection and the historical figure who created it.  Now comes the hard and fairly solitary part of the project  — actually getting a manuscript on to Chris’ desk in the next thirteen months.

We have some truly grand ideas regarding the project that will be announced when and if they come to fruition.

Stay tuned.