Toolapalooza Harvest – Auction Lots

Except for two specific items that deserve their own posts, my acquisitions at this year’s MJD auction were sparse.  I bid on the occasional items but only if it seemed a particularly good and opportune acquisition for a deep discount price, and dropped out of the bidding early once the prices approached fair.  I did get a very few things that were cheap and intriguing.

My first purchase was a lot of ebony pieces including a smoothing plane and several navigation parallels.  The plane is complete and in pretty good shape, I will brink it up to snuff soon.  The parallels will be re-purposed for applications yet to be determined.

A second plane was this odd and huge solid rosewood Japanese plane.  Admittedly this was simply a whim, the price was so low I could not pass it up.  It weighs a ton, it will be like using a concrete block with a sharp iron.  The current iron is pretty much no-account so I will cast around for another.

The final small auction purchase was this unusual pair of a sash and cope pair.  Unspectacular, but again cheap.