tortoiseshell & imitation

Tordonshell Monograph

My original work on artificial tortoiseshell was presented in Amsterdam almost exactly twenty years ago.  I think the conference publication was about eighteen months later.

Here is the link for the PDF on my “Writings” page:


One of the outcomes from my current developments will be an updated and more detailed monograph to be posted in that same directory.  I’m also noodling a video on the whole process.  My videographer Chris is now much harder to schedule, with a full-time job, a new/old house, and a wife and two tiny kids, so I will probably try to figure out how to do two-camera filming in the studio.  My digital SLR has a microphone port so I think all I need to do is start figuring things out.

Stay tuned.

P.S.  I will probably make some full blown tordonshell in the coming fortnight based on my latest results.