Veneer Repair Video Part 1 (apologies for the autoplay, we’re working on it)


The first product being offered the Barn on White Run video empire, which I introduced earlier, is an almost two hour tutorial on museum-quality veneer repair (in the museum world we use the term “damage compensation” for what you might call “repair”) using the techniques I learned and developed over the past four decades.  The video en toto is divided into thirteen sections, and one will be uploaded every week if all goes well.

Since this is our initial effort, and was itself an intense learning experience, I have decide to make this complete video available for free.  This is not a mere amusement or hobby, I am hiring a gifted professional (Chris Swecker) to produce them, and as good as I am at schmoozing he insists on getting paid for his work!  Harrumph.  I am determined that together we will produce the best professional, broadcast quality videos we can out here in the wilds of the Virginia mountains.  The pace of their development is directly tied to the intersection of three things; my schedule, Chris’ schedule, and the barn’s bank account.

If your conscience is pricked feel free to click on the “Donate” button, any proceeds from which will go toward enhancing the rapidity of new video production.

Future videos will also be available for purchase one section at a time (perhaps $0.99 – $1.99 per segment depending on the video) or $15(?) for the complete product.  I am still noodling that and working out the logistics with Webmaster Tim.  If this interests a large enough audience I hope to produce three or four 2-hour-ish videos per year.  If not, maybe one or two at the most, one being more likely.  In which case it will take me almost twenty years to get through the list I have already.