Vertigo Bites

I’m not one to air my truly private business excessively on the blog (at least that is my intent overall), but this current aggravation effects everything I am doing in the shop, on the homestead, with work  on the store and web site, everything.

Vertigo bites big time.

I am now in my second week of this initial but inexplicable debilitating dizziness.  It restricts greatly what I can do, including essentially eliminating any mobility beyond that which is biologically mandated.  I note incremental improvement but nothing even close to functionality.  A visit to the doctor yielded no immediate relief although I now have some head manipulation exercises to hopefully mitigate the symptoms regardless of their cause(s).   Mrs. Barn helps with that and observes that my head is really heavy.  Hey, you put that many rocks in the same place…  At least I am not flat on my back as I was for three days last week.

Fortunately I can now work on my laptop for stretches provided I elevate the screen and hold my head absolutely motionless, but reading from an actual book is a challenge.  I cannot yet perambulate up the hill to the barn and fill the outstanding orders for polissoirs, wax, and shellac flour.  I’ll get them sent as soon as I can stand long enough to fulfill them.  I may have to rely on Mrs. Barn to take them to the Post Office.

Patience.  Good thing I like audio books, lectures, music, etc.

More later.