the homestead

Wall O’ Wood

It’s time for the ceremonial portraits of this winter’s firewood.  Even with the side crib already almost half-full after last winter, it took four days for me to load the pickup and move wood from the stacks of seasoned wood into the crib and on to the front porch.  I’m working as hard as I always have but the output is diminished.

After the performance of the cabin envelope last winter following the complete re-chinking the previous year (that alone cost twice as much as my first house) and the crawl space sealing and insulating the year before, I am fully confident that even with a severe winter we are all set.  In previous winters it took almost two full side cribs plus the porch-full to keep Mrs. Barn warm enough, this past winter it took the porch-full plus half a crib-full.  I’m liking that trend line.

We’ve got new high performance windows on order to replace the 80s era windows now in place, windows with the particular feature of providing wonderful ventilation year round, open or closed.  Depending on the performance of the supply chain we will be getting the new windows installed just before the dead of winter.  Keeping fingers crossed.  With new windows, the cabin should be cozier than ever.

Tomorrow I start splitting, stacking, and seasoning the firewood for the coming winters.  There’s still at least two or three dozen heaping trucks full of timber on the ground.  If I get done with everything already on the ground, I calculate 4-6 winters of firewood a-waitin’.