Webster Desks By The Truckload

I am probably(?) not unique among movie viewers n that my own personal interests, when represented on screen, often supersede the story of the movie itself.  One of those aspects for me is the furniture in the frame; I often spend more time looking at interesting or historical furniture than I do watching or listening to the characters.  One instance of this was when I would watch the television show Frazier.  Whenever the setting was Frazier’s apartment I was always distracted by the Eames Chair and ottoman.  One downside to my proclivity is whenever I watch a show in a historical setting, I have caught myself conversing inside my skull something like, “Yeah, this style of furniture didn’t come into fashion until long after this setting.”

Such an occurrence played out on our DVD player recently when we watched (or rewatched) the post apocalyptic movie Logan’s Run.  When I saw it first over four decades ago it left so little impression on me I literally could not remember a lot of the details of either the plot or the setting.

In this example, there was one scene set in a derelict US Capitol in the Well of the Senate.  Given my affection for the Webster Desk and its descendants in that chamber of mostly unconvicted felons, there were pastiches of this piece of furniture in abundance.   I could tell from the motion dynamics of moving the desks that they were not only fakes, but lightweight stage set accoutrements as well.  The real deal is quite heavy.  I blogged extensively on the project of replicating a Webster Desk a few years ago.

Nevertheless it was fun to see a furniture form with which I am very familiar being so prominent in the action.