Whipping the Shop Into Shape, Finally!


Now that the multitudes from Groopstock have departed, I am facing a fortnight of mostly uninterrupted time spent on actually setting up my workshop space.  Between the hustle of moving over the past many months and the frenzied preparations for Groopstock, my shop, not overly organized at any point in time, had devolved into a chaotic storeroom full of boxes and bins of tools from the other house.

Even after the first day of shoveling, the place was still not a furniture-making and restoration shop.  One of the fundamental problems is that the tools cannot be “put away” until there is a place to put them away to.


One of the first things I did was reorganize and enhance my clamp storage.  They were all a-jumble sorta in the same place, but I still found myself tripping over them at every turn.

Less than an hour’s uninterrupted work and the problem was solved.