WIA Day 3 – Tom Fidgen


The final morning of WIA was for me a Canadian bookend, with Tom Fidgen as the leadoff batter.  He was speaking about his kerfing plane and its companion, the frame saw, for use in resawing stock as a matter of routine in his Unplugged Shop.  I found his approach to be invigorating, and the demonstration was instrumental in my decision to make one of the kerfing saws myself (I already have a frame saw from my forays into Rouboland).

Over the winter I’ll be making my kerfing plane from a derelict plow plane body, and will be blogging about it as that occurs.

Tom’s presentation was what I like best about WIA — it creates or employs a new way of looking at doing, usually based on old ways of doing.  Excellent innovation is often the result, and it was certainly the case with Tom.