WIA Day 3 – Vic Tesolin

The final presentation for WIA this year was by Vic Tesolin, on the topic of efficient hand work.  I missed the very beginning of his demonstration as I was in Freddy Roman’s session on French Parquetry as he was pinch hitting for me.

As I walked into the room for Vic’s talk it was in the midst of a discussion, and he immediately told the crowd, “No, I don’t know the answer, but if anybody would know the answer it is the guy who just walked in.”  So of course every eye turned my way, and of course I did not know the answer.

So Vic returned to his presentation of showing hand-work processes that were actually faster than machine work for many circumstances.  It certainly confirmed a mindset evolution that has been in process with me for quite some time.

At one point Vic was asked if he eschewed machines and his response was priceless. “No, of course not.  I love machines.  I’m a guy!”  Yup, Vic and I are old friends even though we met only recently.

By the way, Vic has a new book OUT TODAY, and I will be ordering several copies as soon as I remember where I put my wallet.