WIA Final Day – Finishing With Finishing

When I walked into the room Sunday morning fifteen minutes before my 9AM starting time it was already almost full, and folks were bringing more chairs from somewhere else, and a ring of people standing began to form around the perimeter of the space.

Now this is standing room!  IMG_4192

Who says woodworkers don’t want to learn finishing?


It is a personal quirk but every time I prepare for a talk when I have been granted a generous time slot, invariably I say to myself, “There’s just no way I have anything to say for that long.”


But once I get started, and I really enjoy demonstrating up close and personal, coiffure be damned, and on occasion a spectator gets splashed with something.  I guess I should warn them to dress like I do, then they would not have anything to worry about.


After running over the allotted time by almost an hour I packed up, said goodbye to friends,  and headed down the road for another week of photography and study of the H.O. Studley tool cabinet.