WIA Final Day

Last Saturday found me first at Peter Galbert’s talk on rocking chair design, which I found very helpful as I contemplate some efforts in this area, and merely heightened my anticipation for his up coming book


Following that I hustled to my room to set up for the gold-leafing discussion and talk, from which unfortunately I have no pictures as I forgot to ask anyone to take pictures on my camera.  If you were there and would like to share some of your pictures with me, please let me know.

Our assembly for that was wonderfully small, perhaps two dozen, so I just had everyone gather around the workbench while I worked and talked and demonstrated.  The size of the audience allowed for much more participation than normal, as everyone got to try brushing good home made gesso, etc.

photo courtesy of Megan Fitzpatrick

photo courtesy of Megan Fitzpatrick

Following that was the chairmaker’s roundtable.  Again the discussion was enlightening and helpful to future work in that area.  Notice how cleverly I placed the banner for the upcoming Studley exhibit.

We had a quiet delightful dinner with our hosts, then sped home the next morning to reload out suitcases for another whirlwind research trip to New England.

More about that anon.