Winter Projects (and well beyond) – Old, and New(?), Videos

As with writing, video production can sometimes be just a grind, and as with writing I just have to become more disciplined in finishing things off.  I’ve had all the raw Gragg Chair footage sitting in my compewder for more than a year and am only a fraction of the way through it for editing.  It is still looking like the final project will be 12-15 episodes, each roughly an hour long.

Just do it, stoopid.

And, since I have no plans to offer workshops much at the barn given the level of student disinterest (the market is never inaccurate, even if you dislike the information it provides) I remain intrigued by the notion of collaborating with my local videographer to produce more videos, some full-length, though not as lengthy as Gragg, others considerably shorter.  My congenial video studio on the fourth floor will not be getting any use until spring; we shot one video up there when it was about 20 degrees and I have no desire to replicate that session.

I’m also even considering getting a couple of GoPro type cameras and a quality sound recorder (almost nothing distracts me from a decent shop-based video more than poor sound quality if the on-board camera microphone is the sound portal) to shoot shop-based episodes rather than studio-based ones.  Or perhaps I can make do with my standard 35mm cameras.

The list of topics that would interest me in this regard include everything from a small technique at the bench to complex projects beginning-to-end.

Just more stuff to think about.